Sunday, April 20, 2008

My phone is alive!!

My phone is alive..

Thx to my dearest dad who paid for it~~

It costs RM 190!!


Saturday, April 19, 2008

My phone is condemned~~ phone is condemned..
LCD totally blank now...and i have to spend RM190 to repair...
So please don't send any message to me..i can't see it..
the only function that's is working now is to call and receive call...



Friday, April 18, 2008

I've been Tagged !!

I've been Daniel Tan..thx for your celebration~~appreciated lotz~~

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves
3. At the end of the post the player than tags 5 people and posts their names, than goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they done got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

5 things I doing 10 years ago..(1998??!!)
1-Playing around in the classroom while teacher was there..heh~
2-Pestering my parents bring me out to the playground..
3-Watching my favourite cartoon programme while eating my favourite lollipop~~
4-Keep my two years old brother occupied..(He was so adorable that time)~~
5-Having sport practice frequently in order to win my medal back~~heh..(in the nothing)

5 things on my to-do list today
1-Try to finish my assignment which is time consuming..
2-Clean up my room(hostel) asap..
3-Try to have a sufficient sleep which i don't have it recently..(my health getting worst)
4-Get a SLD camera for myself
5-Reformat my computer

5 Snacks I enjoy
1-Cheese ring(i can't live without that)
2-Pizza(Simply irresistable!!)
3-Apple Pie(Personal favourite:Mcdonalds)
4-Corn flakes with milk( not weird,what a great combination)
5-Waffle(butter and peanut butter)

5 Things I would do if I were a billionaire
1-Get myself a 5 series BMW(Whoot~~~!!!)
2-Go for shopping without any financial harrasment
3-Donate to the charity
4-Get myself a condo with a good view
5-Bring my whole family for a luxurious holiday trip

5 of my bad habits
1-Easily get distracted
2-Like to procrastinate(must ged rid of it!)
3-Spend a lot
4-Tease my friend whenever i want to(heh~i consider it )
5-Sleep late all the time

5 places I have lived
1-Johor Bahru
2-Johor Bahru
3-Johor Bahru
4-Johor Bahru

5 jobs I've had
1-An eldest daughter
2-As a cashier
3-As a part-time home schooling teacher
4-As an account assistant
5-As a joker

5 people I tag
1-Tan Zhi Ai (coz i just can't find a reason why not)
2-Lynette Goh (as a belated farewell gift to her)
3-Careen Wong(for fun..haha)
4-Benson Yap(as a celebration for national service)
5-Melissa yap(same as Zhi Ai)


Friday, April 11, 2008

I got character

Many people got no style one. Me, I got character.
See-ah, I don't simply take instructions from people.
I think first lah. Don't like it, don't take lah.
With boss also like that. I don't care. Sack Sack lah.
I not afraid one. Then, when got no mood to work,
I just go for teh tarik. Don't like? Not my problem, what!
When boss make noise, I tell him to fly kite.
Money so little, some more got so much work.
Where can? Some more got so many bosses.
Big boss, small boss, woman boss. One say one thing.
Listen until you pengsan. You can die like that.
I tell you sometime not fair. Client also another kind.
Always last minutes change this change that.
Ganrantee one. Make my life difficult only. Then,
kena work until 5 to 6 pm. Who can tahan like that?
Something koyak in their head. I not joking.
Don't know advertising but only talk big all the time.
Then some more when the thing tak jalan, they complain
we all no good. Then who kena? Me lah! Some more who?
I got it from my friend~~Enjoy~~

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I need my bed right now !!

Today is public holiday,so in order to have a fun day instead of bored day at hostel~
I went for a movie with my gang at CS..In case we can't get the ticket(coz is public holiday),we went they early at of my friend said:"Don't worry la,no one will reach there so early except for us..sure we can get the ticket!"We plan to watch "shutter"..n we have check the time yesterday and there's only three time we chose to have it on 1.00pm...

Once we reached..we saw whole bunch of people who actually reached there earlier in order to get the my friend was like"what the??howcome there's so many people around this time..i thought we r the craziest one?!"Actually was out of my expectation..."next time we must reach here by 10am..."said my friend~~Never alright..coz there's no long queue doesn't matter...

But...when we were queing up,i suddenly saw the time list on the screen above us..."Shutter 6.00pm available"..we were like???Hugh??Howcome the time that listed on the list is 1.00pm??What the XXXX!!Was quite disappointed actually...i wannna watch~~~But never mind..coz my friend suggested us to watch "Deadly ghost"..Herm..Quite nice ...anyway is horror too.. that's our motive..must watch horror movie today~~so we bought 7 tickets but is 11.45am...

Cinema 5~~Heh~

After 2 and a half hr...

"Is that horror movie??""I think so..but a BOOOO~~~!!""My 10 ringgit..*sigh*"After listening these critic~~So how's the show...u know it if u get what i said..*n_n*

Later on...we went for window shopping..but...not for me..i raelly spent a fortune on my stuff that i bought today...Is not my fault ...really..coz there's discount everywhere!!Irresistable!!Have a look on part of it...

*My lovely earring*

*Do u believe in love at first sight?*Yes,I believe!!

*Finally i got myself a watch=)*

And i also bought two is it..??It it persuasive to let you believe??My heart did ache a few min ago when i look through these pic..but never mind...once in a blue moon,i told myself~~

Coz we ought to have lunch~~So we decided to have it at Sizzling Stone Grill..i gonna spend at least 20 bucks on it~~Foo!!

*Yummy ice-cream with corn flakes*

*Tom yam seafood beehoon*(Is quite spicy=()

*Chicken seafood kuey tiao*

*On plate Blackpaper chicken-chop*yum yum!!

*Thirst squenching orange juice*

Is bill time...Guess how much we spent on our lunch this time??Is RM131.15 altogether...the tax was ex...seriously...

Is around 7.00pm ...we have to get back before it gets order to save some money..we took a bus drizzling that time..and the bus was fully we have to stand along the leg is aching!!We reached around 8.00pm...and the first thing i wanna do is......u know.....find a chair and have a nice SIT !!!

I've morning class that's all at the moment..will keep you updated asap!!*Muaks n huggies*

Monday, April 7, 2008

A dreadful beginning~~

After a long period of term break..Finally,today is the 1st day for another new beginning to me~This is the day i'm looking foward to, brain gonna go rusty!!!By the way ,thank god for giving me this chance,coz there not gonna have any long term break anymore for this year~so quite good actually~~

"ring~~~!!!!" not my phone my alarm who woke me up early in the 7:15am!!Oh gosh..i love my bed..u know??!!U have to get up steffi !! Is your first day to school~~kinnda heard a lecture is 8.00am..erm~~doesn't matter anyway,so i just woke up unwillingly,get my business done ~~

As on the way to the computer lab with my friends together,accidently bump into some newcomer~~that really reminded me that i'm old!!Times really flies~~*sigh*

As usual..we got there early before the class start..n waited at the so called "computer lab"(coz is freaking hot,is suppose to have air con,right??!!Pls allowed me to say tht..herm~~) for almost half n hour..."where's our lecturer??Aren't she supposed to be here on time...??Suddenly,there's a "reminder" flash over my mind.."Oh ya..remember last sem?she popped out in our class at 8.30am n told us that she only start her class at 9am(supposed to be 8am)~"So~~everybody was like........"not on this sem again??"Obviously..the answer is a big YES !!She's gonna do it again..without any inform...

Is alright..never mind..really...So,we waited for another half n hour...Finally she's here...early hugh??Everybody were...(you know..when a person run out of patience..what's the reaction??yes..that's it..=_=")Our lecture finally it goes...

We are taking Computer Graphic after some intro for this course..we finally be able to have some pract on seems to be easy hugh??After an hour..." eye"..."Oh short sighted is gonna increase by this month" me.."can i just scan and print out..i think is easier~~"All of them were like...=_="..*Don't judge a thing by looking the appearance*How true is it hugh??~~

After 3hr..."my eyes really need to have a nice rest today,take care all of you..bye.."..class is over finally..i wanna say.."i'm so dead...can i just go back n take a nap??"Of is impossible..coz i have another dreadful lecture later..u know what is it? MALAYSIAN STUDIES !!Yes..and is compulsory for everyone(is a LAN subject)..great~~Another story begun~~

"Selamat petang murid-murid..."Then he started to mumble..."Apakah peranan anda dalam social?""Apakah peranan anda dalam keluarga ?"...what a good question hugh??Later of the answer was"belajar..rajin belajar"Herm~~better than no answer~~
And the story goes on and on and on~~Yeah~~is 3pm finally...class dismiss!!What a nice word to hear on that particular moment~~

And ya~~this is how i spent my day ~~*sigh*So..that's enough for today~~see ya on the next post~~*muaks*