Monday, August 11, 2008

My 3rd sem~~

*sigh*School gonna start again~~

Assignment gonna pile up again~~

Have to ba a late sleeper again~~

So God bless me again~~

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Part of my design works~~

Hey guys~~My final is around the corner which mean this sem gonna end soon..So i would like to share with you guys some of my design works~~Hope you guys enjoy it~~=)Please do not hesitate to leave your comment!!You're most welcome=)

"Pan Labtyinth 2"movie
..waiting for the release~~

Digital Image Processing-Horror

Typography-My Dear~

Digital Image Processing-Futuristic

Digital Image Processing-Fantasy

Digital Image Processing-Urban Art

Digital Image Processing-Fashion

Monday, June 2, 2008

Breakaway Camp 2008!!

City Harvest Outreach JB hold a camp at Desaru Damai Beach Resort on the 29th-31st May 2008..How am i able to miss such a awesome camp?!Frankly,the weather is freaking hot,but this will not stop me from going to the camp!!Coz i actually applied two days leave for it..Haha..This three days two night camp really enriched me in every area in God's present ,i really learnt a lot of things through this camp..what can i say is AWESOME!!

Take a look at our group photo,amazing camper~~

We having telematch for the first day,so sad i was not able to join coz i have task on hand...But i took some pic for it..hehe..

They suppose to filled the bucket with sand within a short time

We having workshop some pic for it..

Nail art workshop-

My works on her finger...=)

And lastly..this is the climax...i celebrated my birthday on camp!!*burst out laugh*It feel so different to have all my cell member and all the campers to join the birthday celebration at Desaru the beach!!It was so fun and touch at the same time..I just wanna say thanks a lot ..*teared*Finally i'm 20th this year!!Hooray~~~

My heartshape candles cake*i wonder is it edible??!!*=p

They look so horrible!!Haha..

So that's all for today..i have to prepare my presentation and exam for the next two day..

See you !!*muaks**Huggies*

Friday, May 9, 2008

We have a group photo with two mediacorp artists!!

Hey sorry i didn't get to update my blog for quite a time~~was busy on my assignment~~
And ya~~we have a photography class on lecturer bring us out instead of staying at the studio for 3 hours..he actually quite emphasize on outdoor teaching..coz is more effective..inspiration comes when we feel light and easy~~

Do u wanna know why is so special about that day??coz S'pore media is going to film a food variety show at jb town area~~my lecturer wanna be on the TV..haha..we caught we purposely went there to take a at "Mu Ching Bak Gu Teh"...

Here's some group photo:


*Chen Li Ping,boss of this restaurant,Xu Mei Zhen*(from left to right)

*Lol..we got caught !!Candid camera~~*

*What so funny??!!*

*His dreams come true..look how happy he is?!*

That's all for today..

Hopefully i have the time to update my blog again~~


Sunday, April 20, 2008

My phone is alive!!

My phone is alive..

Thx to my dearest dad who paid for it~~

It costs RM 190!!


Saturday, April 19, 2008

My phone is condemned~~ phone is condemned..
LCD totally blank now...and i have to spend RM190 to repair...
So please don't send any message to me..i can't see it..
the only function that's is working now is to call and receive call...