Friday, May 9, 2008

We have a group photo with two mediacorp artists!!

Hey sorry i didn't get to update my blog for quite a time~~was busy on my assignment~~
And ya~~we have a photography class on lecturer bring us out instead of staying at the studio for 3 hours..he actually quite emphasize on outdoor teaching..coz is more effective..inspiration comes when we feel light and easy~~

Do u wanna know why is so special about that day??coz S'pore media is going to film a food variety show at jb town area~~my lecturer wanna be on the TV..haha..we caught we purposely went there to take a at "Mu Ching Bak Gu Teh"...

Here's some group photo:


*Chen Li Ping,boss of this restaurant,Xu Mei Zhen*(from left to right)

*Lol..we got caught !!Candid camera~~*

*What so funny??!!*

*His dreams come true..look how happy he is?!*

That's all for today..

Hopefully i have the time to update my blog again~~