Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This year lunar new year..*sigh*

Hey.. all my frenz..after ur indulging..finally i created a blog..
I'll try to update it often coz i really dun have extra time to entertain it~
Alright..first of all..i would like to say..please pray for me frenz~~coz i'm really feel stressful n hopeless these few week..is almost through the peak~~i'm running out of idea n still..the teacher still being fussy~~*Grrr*~God Bless Me~

Life recently other than stressful..there's actually still have some fun in it~~thanks to all my dearest frenz who accompany me throughtout these few weeks..Thanks for bringing me joy n fun to me so that i'm able to finished my assignment on time so far..

And i want to emphasize that...I HAVE BEEN EATING CUP NOODLES FOR 2 WEEKS !! Thanks to the school canteen~~The food is super duper ex...and i'm only a member of club VPS which is stands for "Very Poor Student"...Thank God that u all still see me as healthy as before~~heh~~

*Sigh*Have to finish my assignment already~~Take Care..God bless frenz !!